Connecting Education and Communities (outdated)

Supporting communities and whānau in their engagement with education

CEC aims to disrupt disadvantage by working with innovative, locally-led initiatives to strengthen the connections between communities and education.


For several years the J.R. McKenzie Trust has been part of a broader programme addressing child poverty in New Zealand families and communities.

Improving education levels for individuals, families and communities is an essential part of this programme. Connecting Education and Communities (CEC) plays a key role in strengthening the ownership of education within communities and boosting the skills and capabilities of families and communities to engage effectively with education.

A proactive programme, CEC is overseen by a sub-committee of the J.R. McKenzie Trust and is coordinated by a team who provide coaching, mentoring, contractual and evaluation support.

CEC is currently in its second phase, with a focus understanding whānau and community aspirations, and finding the tools and partners to make those aspirations a reality, enabling choices and empowering communities to exercise more control over what happens to them.


To find out more about CEC and the community partners listed, visit their website at the ‘learn more’ link below.