Connecting Education and Communities (CEC) – Five years of transformation and change

CEC and the communities at Kawiu Marae

In 2010 the Trust established a proactive programme of work that would  focus on improving access to, and achievement in education for children whānau and communities who were in need of support.  The first five years was a valuable learning time, but it became clear that if we really wanted to be intentional in our grant making and support ngā kaikōkiri to make a tangible difference, a bolder and more participatory approach was required.

Based on lessons learned, up to date  research  and some exciting new developments in philanthropic thinking, in 2015, with additional financial support from the Todd Foundation and expertise from sector specialists, CEC began to write a different story of grantmaking for the next five years.

Now in 2020, CEC has demonstrated effective practice in empowering communities to have a greater role in attaining their educational aspirations. By being strength-based, allowing time for community voices to be heard, and by supporting locally driven solutions, CEC has developed a way of working that is leading to long-term change in the six communities it has supported.

Towards the end of this journey, CEC engaged the skills and expertise of community change filmmakers Film For Change Aotearoa to make a series of films with the communities, to share with others and to bring the stories of difference and change to life through audio visual media

These unique and exciting films can be found below, we hope you will enjoy them.